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Otherdots Foundation

A new breed of grassroots venture building and action-based investing, the first-ever social impact fund on the blockchain, to provide a digital identity and voice to the unbanked while also improving human conditions across rural areas and emerging countries.


A HYPE Foundation top 50 global sports innovation company based out of Singapore and UK, that brings to the world of sport the first mobile force plate in a smart insole that monitors and feeds back the risk of lower-limb injury accurately from ground reaction forces at foot level to help reduce musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries.

Invest 4 Impact

An initiative that expands and accelerates impact investing that addresses the local, regional, and global needs of underserved communities where investments of any kind are rare: We call the “high-hanging fruit.” Our Vision is to make impact investing the transformational opportunity and experience for those in the world most in need. 


A technology company that pioneers the BiigVault, a connected lockbox for cars that holds the license plate for key storage, theft detection, accident notification, location tracking, and overall visibility of a vehicle. 

The BiigVault provides remote access to any vehicles regardless of year and model for the purpose of mobility services such as in-car delivery, roadside assistance, and car-sharing. 

Flowdins Project

 Is a digital intelligent network system to create a standard to eliminate the current silo of data collection in order to gauge a better collective into the data patterns which are potentially associated with injury, when an athlete is at risk of injury or traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and concussions which is a growing epidemic in sports.

Virtual Bankk Game Project

The intersection between finance, learning and gaming. An unparalleled, immersive and real life financial learning experience through digital gaming, creating a framework to turn financial data into a global time-lapse view in motion.


Egraphon Technologies

Menu Selling Touch Point, an Interactive learning experience transforming products and documentation into rea

Asia Pacific Digital Technologies

Biometric Key Management, pioneer behind the first secure key-lock down biometric fingerprint management solution for G4S cash-in-transit operations.

iB Management Solutions

IVR Cash Replenishment, pioneer behind the first an automated IVR solution for ATM cash replenishment technology and platform. 


Automotive Key Security, a biometric key management solution for the automotive and security industry.

COIN Financial Systems

Electronic Finance, pioneer behind the UK's first electronic finance and insurance acceptance and agreement platforms designed for Ford Credit Europe Bank. 

eTag Solutions

Automotive biometric vehicle key and parking solution 

award winning technologies

Simple Plug and Play


 A compelling proposition that brings both simplification and consolidation across the many banking channels

Digital Touchpoints


Automotive dealership end-to-end digital finance and insurance transaction based solution

Biometric Key Management


Secure key-lock down biometric fingerprint management solution for cash-in-transit operations 



Automated IVR solution for ATM cash replenishment synced to a self-powered Cencon lock

Menu Selling Touchpoints


Interactive learning experience transforming products and documentation into real time digitised transactions

Automotive Key Security


Biometric key management solution for the automotive industry