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Future Venture Builder  | Investor

About Me

I'm a creative future venture builder, process designer, investor, advisor and mentor, with the passion for creating stories that bring alive the power of tech startups and ecosystems from all corners of the earth. I've Designed groundbreaking & award-winning technologies in FinTech, Automotive, IoT, Wearables, and Gaming across 4 continents, with a proven track record in delivering solutions with outstanding customer experience: lowering risks and achieving substantial cost savings for customers.

I've a catalytic focus of inspiring and stimulating change in the way people think and do by pushing the boundaries of innovation and design, with a focus on shaping the future of connected convergence.

Ventures - current

ValaCo Ventures

ValaCo is a private, forward-thinking venture building investment studio, focused on growing meaningful, innovative companies with founders driven by purpose and passion. We look to create value from the emergence of a new paradigm shift enabled by improving technologies.


otherDOTS is a global ecosystem of the brightest brains selected from all corners of the earth, that go through a rigorous educational program using a design approach, in order to turn ideas and concepts into meaningful startups. These startups are then venture built, showcased on a dedicated platform where they pitch for funding. The core value of otherDOTS lies in the foundation that it's  free and entices everyone involved to give back to the connected ecosystem.


A HYPE Foundation top 50 global sports innovation company based out of Singapore, that has created advancing technology to provide a better understanding of what player loads are happening during training and everyday match play, in order to visualise data which is potentially associated with injury or when a player is at risk of injury. 


The first decentralised mobile app built on the Dazz platform, with legally binding AI smart contracts, powered by Agrello that enables startups to generate their own tokens to host ICO campaigns and for anyone to own and trade pieces of all kinds of assets, using our dedicated video amplification channel in 3 quick and easy steps.


Popcourne is a virtual, augmented ontological financial learning game with its own digital nervous system, that dissolves boundaries and encourages us to think differently by probing the adjacent possible. It's this notion that all the knowledge we input in the game, will teach us back and change the way we think and learn. Popcourne is a virtual, augmented financial learning game with its own digital nervous system


Mobile Now Group | Singapore

Creative Digital Strategist | Business Partner​

Egraphon Tech Studio | Singapore


Asia Pacific Digital Tech | Malaysia

Chief Catalyst | CEO

KeyTrak Systems Ltd | UK


iB Management Solutions | UK


COIN Financial Systems Ltd | UK

Managing Partner | Director

Portfolio - award winning technologies


A compelling proposition that brings both simplification and consolidation across the many banking channels


Automotive dealership end-to-end digital finance and insurance transaction based solution


Secure key-lock down biometric fingerprint management solution for cash-in-transit operations 


Automated IVR solution for ATM cash replenishment synced to a self-powered Cencon lock


Interactive learning experience transforming products and documentation into real time digitised transactions


Biometric key management solution for the automotive industry 

Advisor / mentor

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